October News – 20 October 2013

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While President Marc has been busy touring the rivers of Europe the club has had a jam packed month and I apologise in advance for the length of this report.

November will see a change of location for the club’s weekly meetings, which will now be held at Phamish at 30 The Esplanade St Kilda. Many thanks to Nicole and the team for being willing hosts for the club at such short notice. As a result of this change the weekly meal price will increase to $28 but will still include a meal and a glass of wine. We would also like to thank Melbourne Wine Room for being our hosts throughout the year; it has been a great location and we are thrilled to see the venue booked up during the Christmas season. Read more →

Presidents Message – 22 September 2013

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The Rotary Club of StKilda is going through a very exciting phase at the moment.
We have got off to a flying start and it all is continuing thankfully due to vibrant members and some wonderful projects.
Our Club has begun by selling 2to3 year old computers and making a handsome amount of money that shall be forwarded to charities in our area.
We have sorted and amassed clothing for mothers and babies in PNG. packing of these items will be done in October. This is to help the Highland Foundation.
On election day we raised almost $2000 at a sausage sizzle. Plans are well underway for a major event we are naming Local and Vocal which gives schools the opportunity to show their musical talent  and have it recorded in a sound studio and then performing at the Palais Theatre.
We do have other plans and we will announce them as they come up.
Our Club seems to cover most aspect of what is expected  but we miss out on New Generations. It would not be difficult for us to be involved with RYPEN where all we need do is find 2 students to go away for a weekend camp under proper supervision and we become responsible for their transport. More about that at our next meeting.
We are achieving interest from people via our website ( thank you Julia ) and our membership is growing with the standard of new rotarians setting the bar high.
I am overseas for the next 6 weeks and Julia is taking the chair. Thanks once again.
I wish you well,

President Marc

Presidents Report – Monday 12th August 2013

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Hi members,

This is my first report since taking office.  From the time I walked through the doors of this wonderful Club I had a warm fuzzy feeling. All members welcomed me so kindly and I saw the enthusiasm in the fellowship and projects. It is truly amazing how much a small Club can achieve.

My first task in this Newsletter is to thank Julia for the huge and successful effort she has put into the leadership last year. Julia is making my transition as President very smooth. Now, all you members, please note that without you there would be no projects and therefor we would be unable to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I thank you for what you have done and what you are going to do.

At this stage we have 2 major project in the pipeline but we should seek several lesser tasks. I think our Club per capita does more than any Club in the District, but let us not rest on our laurels and we must keep the momentum going forward.

I would like all members to think about 2 things before the next meeting.

1/      Are we prepared to take in an Exchange Student for 12 months?  Our involvement would be to find 0ne or two host families each for a period of three months.The Club then needs to find a school for the student and purchase a uniform and also provide some pocket money. Other members must be prepared to take the students for outings or home for dinner etc.  This exercise is most rewarding for the Club and I think we would derive much enjoyment.

2/    Would we like a member to take on the role of social organizing?

Coming back to last week, how good was it with the visit of our D.G and A.G Bronwyn. They were inspired by our report.

Should any members at anytime feel they wish to talk over anything at anytime please feel free to call me. I am a great listener.

President Marc

A week to remember Tracy – Thursday 8th August 2013

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It has been a sad week for St Kilda as many of us stopped to consider that a woman was murdered on our streets a few weeks ago.

St Kilda Gatehouse were outstanding in hosting a candlelit vigil for Tracy Connelly on Thursday night which was attended by hundreds of residents and many politicians from council, state and federal government. Again it has hit home the amazing work that Gatehouse does working on the front line providing comfort and support for women who find themselves working on the streets.

Tracy’s story is a sad one; as related by her brother at the vigil – a sensitive child who bonded strongly with her grandmother; when her grandmother died she did not quite recover from the loss in her life and later her older boyfriend introduced her to heroin which commenced a downward spiral in her life which led her to the streets of St Kilda.

Although her life took a severe downward swing there is no doubt she was loved and cherished by those she touched including her family, her partner, the women in Greeves Street, and the staff at Gatehouse.

This is a time not just to reflect on the violence towards women in our society but also to consider how we can be better neighbors and work harder to care for each other and look out for one another.

Sally Tonkin (CEO of St Kilda Gatehouse) mentioned on Facebook that it was amazing to see the shimmering underline under Tracy’s name on the wall of flowers from the candles on Thursday night – I am hoping we will all make that underline shimmer ever brighter as we try to derive some meaning from this event and make our home a better, safer place for everyone in our community.


Westgate Park Working Bee – Sunday 4th 2013

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The Rotary Club of St Kilda joined forces with the Rotary Clubs of Malvern, Prahran, Chadstone / East Malvern and Toorak for a tree planting working bee down at Westgate Park.

Westgate Park is located under the Westgate Bridge off Todds Road – and area of Melbourne that was badly neglected 30 years ago and which has been beautifully rejuvenated through Parks Victoria and the activities of the Friends of Westgate Park.

It was an early start to the Sunday at 8am; but we were lucky with the weather and we managed to plant over 600 shrubs and spread a vast quantity of mulch. You can see some of our team in this photo (on the left) waiting to receive instructions before starting our planting session. The work involved clearing away mulch, digging holes and loosening dirt, planting the shrub and then protecting it with a milk container and stick (protection required from the abundance of rabbits that call the park their home). Finally we needed to distribute new mulch over the area.

A special thank you to Rotary Club of Toorak for putting on a stupendous lunch for all of the volunteers (about 60 in total). It was also great to have 8 members from the Rotary Club of St Kilda volunteering on the day – our best turn out so far for this annual event.